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The Main Services We Offer

We offer services to meet the needs of all types of traders and achieve their goals, keeping our clients as a top priority.

Market Analysis

- Objective views over 30+ securities on 3 timeframes each, Interactive charts using technical analysis as an empiric approach to understand price behavior, directions, and relevant levels.
- Ask for any analysis you need, and we will provide it.


We share our buy - sell setups that we are taking on FOREX / STOCKS / S&P500, Gold and Crude Oil / with specific levels, risk, and explanation. Check the performance every week of the 3 strategies with transparent results on Percentage.


- 3 Units with 33 Articles. You will have an instructor from the beginning until the end, that will guide you through the course, correct, give feedback, and clear any doubt you have.
- Learn all the methods we use to analyze the market and the 3 trading strategies we are currently applying.
- Make a video call with us when you need to define key concepts.

Reports ThinkingAnts


Weekly Report on Sunday with the opportunities we are waiting on the coming week and the result of the 3 Trading Strategies (Stocks / Forex / S&P500, Gold and Crude Oil)
Daily Report on Stocks / Forex / S&P500, Gold and Crude Oil / With all the actions we are taking on the market

24hs Support

We provide support on any trading issue to our users From Market Open to Market close the whole year.

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