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ThinkingAnts Academy Material.

What topics do we cover?

  • How to understand the market as your working field.
  • All the tools you need to create forecasts and filter assets in terms of possibilities.
  • Creat systematic trading strategies, optimize performance results, and manage risk with the highest standards.

This is complementary material that will enhance your process in the mentorship program. It's always useful to return to key concepts and examples in your journey towards becoming a pro Technical Analyst.


The Market as the Primary Context. (81 min read)
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Most probable, you are someone who has a background in Trading. This is not the first time you read something about it. However, we have identified that most traders have missing parts about the field, mostly on the instruments they are Trading, the participants, and the possibilities that exist. If you aim to make a career on this, it is a MUST to understand the market as a space you will be working in. Unit 1 is about understanding this space and creating a solid knowledge about where you are and the place Technical Analysis has here. So before anything else, let's learn about the market.

Essential Tools for Real Trading (110 min read)
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Now that you understand the way of analyzing any asset and creating setups based on that. We will give you the extra tools to develop a complete system, create proper measurements, make corrections to your strategy, understand the nature of Strategies, risk, and the psychological impacts on this field. Remember that Technical Analysis is just one part of a Profitable Trader.