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Market Analysis.

Objective views over 50+ security’s on 3 timeframes each, using technical analysis as an empiric approach to understanding price behavior.


Based on the analysis, we share out buy/sell setups that we are taking, giving a full view over them.


We focus on Research and Development, constantly updating and creating material about Technical Analysis, posts over specific market phenomena and posts over current market situations.
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We provide the most complete and personalized attention of the market 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Thinking Ants Premium

Analysis: We cover more than 50 assets in real-time using Technical Analysis as a method of forecast. Each instrument is studied and uploaded to the platform in 3 different timeframes. Every Sunday, we send a report explaining our analysis of the assets that have potential for the week. Every day, a report of the activity and updates are sent.

Academic: This area allows the user to internalize knowledge. We develop the material. This information is presented by chapters, allowing the user, once completed, to mark it as done. Also, we implement an evaluation process from which the subscriber can receive our feedback. Once a week, a report is uploaded in “Newsletter” format.

Support: This area is the direct communication path that the user has. From here, you can create a ticket on any subject, whether related to Trading or the page operation. You can also attach different types of files, such as PDFs or images. Our team is responsible for providing solutions in the shortest amount of time possible.

Signals: Each time we detect a trading opportunity, it is uploaded to the page through our Signals section. There, we describe the trade, detailing the entry point, targets, stops, and how the position will be managed. This way, the user can follow the instructions. Also, on the platform, we show the current status of that entry. The platform has a Notifications system for the user to be continuously informed. Through Telegram BOTS, we automate the processes of sending information to Users.

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