Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do i set up to get notifications from other channels?

1. Access to the section “My Account".
2. Select "Configure Notifications" in the left panel.
3. Select the desired configuration (Email, Telegram, etc.)

2. How can I solve my doubts?

In case of any queries of any kind, the Thinking Ants Platform provides service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our specialized team will provide the best possible solution, seeking to guarantee customer satisfaction. To create a new Ticket, select "Support" from the left panel of my account. Then click on "New Ticket".

3. What is the difference between announcements and notifications?

Notifications are used exclusively to inform new trading signals. The announcements provide information about new updates of the platform, analysis, reports, etc.

4. What does my premium membership include?

Get access to the Premium Content:
- Market Analysis. Objective views over 90+ security’s on 3 timeframes each, using technical analysis as an empiric approach to understanding price behavior.
- Signals: based on the analysis, we share out buy/sell setups that we are taking, giving a full view over them.
- Academy: we focus on Research and Development, constantly updating and creating material about Technical Analysis (introductory and advanced concepts), posts over specific market phenomena and posts over current market situations.
- Support: we provide the most complete and personalized attention of the market 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

5. How do I subscribe to the free telegram channel?

To subscribe to the free channel you must enter from the device with Telegram installed to

1. What are the Pending Positions?

Pending Positions are the orders we have filled and werent executed yet.

2. What are the Active Positions?

Active Positions are the orders we have filled and have already been executed, but they still opened.

3. What are the Closed Positions?

Closed Positions are the orders we have filled, have already been executed and are, now, closed.

4. How do I interpret signals? Where do I set my Order, Stop Loss and Targets?

Every time we send a signal, we specify if its a Long or a Short trade. There, you will get a graph and the ticker of the instrument we are refering to. Also, in the message, we specify wich is the Entry Price, the Stop Loss and the Targets.

5. Where will I get the signals?

You can choose between your personal mail, your telegram channel or just check them on our platform. You can change this option from your Preferences Panel.

6. How should I manage the position?

Every time the TP1 is hit, in case there are two targets, you should move your Stop Loss to Breakeven. Also, be alert in case we send an actualization of the trade.

7. How often will I get signals?

We are looking for opportunities on more than 100 instruments constantly. As we find them, we post them. We estimate, based in our past stats, that we have between 3-7 entrys a week. However, this is just indicative.

1. How is the Analysis Section organized?

The Analysis Section is ordered in 7 independent tabs which contain different groups of instruments (Forex, Indices, Commodities, Interest Rates, Merval, Cryptocurrencies and ETFs). Also, within each tab, assets can be found in detail with their graphic and textual explanation for a comprehensive understanding of the analysis.

2. Why are there 3 charts on each instrument?

We believe that the correct interpretation of an asset is obtained when there is a relation in the analysis in different timeframes. So, we obtain a long-term vision through the weekly chart, medium-term vision through the daily chart, and short-term vision through the 4H chart.

3. How is analysis done?

The first step is to analyze the chart in weekly timeframe, in order to detect behaviors and relevant areas of a historical level. Then, based on that analysis, we move to a lower level, in this case the daily timeframe, to focus on the behavior of the last period of time and mark areas of importance that will be decisive when taking trading decisions. Finally, in the 4H timeframe, we focus on the most recent movements, which are the basis for our decision, providing a projection of the price in the short term.

4. How often is it updated?

The charts on analysis section will be constantly updated, being able to explain the most relevant behaviors in the market.

5. What application does it have?

The main application that we find to this service is to keep everyone constantly updated of the events and movements in the market, with a top and bottom view explained in detail graphically and textually. This is an informative view of the section, it can also be used to make individual decisions of each trader in their operations.