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  • Multi Timeframe interactive charts analyzed and updated every day.
  • Request any analysis your need on any asset.
  • All the setups we are taking and how we are managing them.
  • Full Academy Course.
  • Communication with us on any trading aspect you need.
  • 3 Reports every day + Weekly report every Sunday.

You get all the mentioned items in the previous questions but without the Academy Section. You will gain access to that once the free trial ends and the payment is executed.

All the payments are processed through PayPal, and you can manage your subscription from there or from the website.
We only have one plan for the service, which includes all the previous items explained in the first question of the FAQs.

Trade Ideas

You can check the status of all Signals directly on the website, and through our Telegram Channels. Also, you have a Record of the Signals that happened on the week on the Home Page.

Entry level / Stop level / Take profit level / Break-even level / % risk we are using / description

Yes, of course, as a user of Thinking Ants, you have complete transparency on the result of the strategy, updated once a week on the weekly report.

We develop trades on 4HS 1H and 15 Minutes.

We only use Stop Limit Orders (Pendings)

  • Forex
  • S&P500, Crude oil, and Gold
  • American Stocks and ADRs

We have 3 strategies, one for Stocks, the other for Forex, and the third for Index and Commodities. All working independently.


Yes, if you feel that you need to formalize your current concepts or give a practical and real application to your knowledge, our course works directly on that. We count on profound and Technical concepts of trading that will improve your current understanding of Markets.

Yes, we start with the basics and foundations; we build up the knowledge until we face advanced and technical trading concepts.

General Concepts of The Academy Course
a) High level of comprehension of the market as the environment you will be working in and Historical concepts
b) Understanding the Logic behind Technical Analysis as an objective forecast method and leading theories. (we will go deep into Technical Analysis as a way to study market phenomena systematically)
c) Learning the main Tools of Technical Analysis and their full application. (Price Action in all its spectrum / Elliott Wave Theory / Chartist structures)
d) Applying all the Technical Tools to create your view of the chart and learn "Top and Bottom Analysis, also known as Multi Timeframe Analysis."
e) From the Top and Bottom Analysis, you will learn the strategies we currently use and to develop your setups.
f)Money management and Risk Management.
g)Progression from Demo to Real Trading

All the course is based on follow up by the Thinking Ants Team, in which we will be guiding and correcting you.

During the course, we will provide you with practical exercise and feedback on your homework. That's the only way we consider students can deeply understand and apply what they are doing in real market conditions.

We will build up knowledge, from basic concepts, and we will go on to advanced ideas.

We understand that Theory is essential, but it is nothing without practice, so our course is based on balancing those two aspects. You will have to solve Quizzes, you will have to complete Exercises and Face Examination instances.

A coach on this process will follow every Student. After this course is finished and approved, our objective is that you become a trader with a deep understanding of market analysis and the autonomy to work on real market conditions.

We will help you with real trading, build up your account, understand the trade ideas and analysis we are posting, create your system, and achieve profitability based on combined effort between the ThinkingAnts Team and the student.

Everything you will learn on the course can be applied to any market or asset, from Forex, Stocks, Index, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies, etc.


40 Charts on 3 timeframes Each= 120 charts

The Moment an analysis is no longer valid will be updated in less than 24hs

You can Ask for any analysis to the Team, and you will receive an in-depth study in less than 24HS of any asset you require

We provide Analysis on Stocks - Forex - Index & Commodities. However, you can request any analysis you need of any asset, and we will handle it.

Follow up

Everything you need about trading, Yes, EVERYTHING: as a Premium member of Thinking Ants, you have access to the support tab, and floating buttons on the screen to make all the questions you require.

Reach us via e-mail for any other question!